VALEO Service is one of the leading suppliers of spare parts in the car industry. It offers an extensive range of products with quality comparable to that of original equipment ranging from clutch kit and refrigerators to electric parts and spare parts for air condition. With innovative ideas and technology VALEO perfectly satisfies all needs.

Today, Valeo Service offer for the aftermarket is composed of more than 3,400 part numbers (kits and components) that cover 90% of the total European car park, with a major presence within all major car makers such as French, German, Korean, Japanese, Italian manufacturers.

More powerful engines, longer ratios and new lifetime specifications have led to the development and introduction of more complex clutch designs such as Valeo SAT (Self Adjusting Technology).

The SAT is a Valeo revolutionary technology that uses a self-adjusting facing wear compensation device on the pressure plate, thereby enhancing the clutch life and improving the pedal comfort. Valeo also supplies its self-adjusting technology to truck manufacturers.

As an aftermarket solution provider, Valeo engineers have designed a new clutch kit named HEC (High Efficiency Clutch) to replace the competitors’ self-adjusting clutch and give full satisfaction in terms of quality, reliability and durability.

This is done by using an improved cover assembly and a low-wear facing (range from 190 mm to 260 mm), resulting from years of research in Valeo’s R&D centers. This solution does not require a specialist tool, which facilitates the fitting operations.

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