Established in 1975 by the couple Mrs. Giuseppina Benzi and Mr. Edoardo Pulici, Huntsman GOMET has been operating for more than 40 years as a leader in the field of automotive spare parts aftermarket .

The company was acquired in 2014 by Huntsman Polyurethanes group and in 2017 it becomes Huntsman Gomet S.r.l.

Huntsman Gomet S.r.l. has three product lines:

  • CV boots & CV boot kits
  • Steering gaiters and kits thereof
  • Dust covers, bounce bumpers and Shock Absorber Service Kits.

Huntsman Gomet S.r.l. headquarters are located in Azeglio, in the Canavese area (Northern Piedmont), 46 km far from Turin and 93 from Milan. Eighty people manufacture, assemble, and distribute around 12 MIL spare parts and 4 mil kits per year. 2.600 moulds allow Huntsman Gomet to quickly satisfy the request for European, Corean and Japanese vehicles.

CV Joint Boots

The main function of a CV joint boot (a.k.a. CV-boot)is to protect a car’s CV-joint from damages caused by road debris (as for example sand, stones, salt and water).

In addition, the grease placed in / kept by the CV-boot is vital for a correct lubrication of the CV joint gear.

GOMET‘s CV-boot kits are available in plastic bag or in carton box packaging and are composed of:

  • wheel or gear side CV-boot(s) in rubber or thermoplastic material#metal/plastic clamps grease
  • additional fitting accessories (if required)

Genuine CV-boot kits

Following frequent requests by its customers to supply “genuine” kits, GOMET has developed a product line of CV boot kits whose composition follows exactly the spare parts which are offered by the O.E. manufacturers.

These “genuine” CV boot kits are composed in the same way as O.E. kits and have the same fitting accessories.

As a rule, such a “genuine” CV-boot kit has the following features:

  • rubber or thermoplastic CV boot(s)
  • metal clamps
  • grease (in tube or foil)
  • accessories like bolts, nuts, clamps, rings, circlips, etc.
  • packing in a carton box and label with O.E. reference