Since its foundation, 40 years ago, Bilstein has been and continues to be a unique driving force in the industry of car suspension. Bilstein was the first to use the air suspension and the first to introduce in the global market monotube shock absorbers.

Today, Bilstein, continues to be the leader in technology monotube shock absorbers. No other manufacturer of suspension could be worthy of the performance and features offered byBilstein. The name of Bilstein is well known not only by the monotube shock absorbers air – oil, but also by the two pipe monisolinia and knees Macpherson.

Since the races of Formula 1, NASCAR, SCCA and the installation of the original equipment in BMW, Ferrari, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Subaru, Toyota, GM, Ford and Chrysler, the Bilstein suspension have proven to be the best. Driving a car, with Bilstein shock absorbers, is really a pleasure! There is nothing like that. Unbelievable control and stability. Precise handling. Ultimate performance and comfort.

The production process of Bilstein shock absorbers is characterized by top design technology and strict control of the production. Over 40% of the production personnel are involved with quality control in order to maintain the high level of efficiency and high and long performance for the shock absorbers.

Bilstein has been recognized all over the world for the quality of the shock absorbers, that have set new standards in the industry. The company always sets high quality standards in the development of shock absorbers following constant parameters and guidelines.

Bilstein engineers use proven methods with advance technologies to manufacture products that stand the test of time.


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